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18 August 2009 @ 10:50 am
Apologies to all  
So I am just reading a couple of my old entries and I just want to say sorry to everyone in advance. I am not ashamed of the feelings I had or the opinions I had towards people. I was really stressed out in my undergrad and was just on edge at all time. The last two years of my schooling I was taking 20-26 credits a semester and working. I was going to go through and block the entries that I thought should not be shared with others. But I need to face up with who I used to be. I did want to say sorry if I ever hurt anyone's feelings. I never meant to come off so angry or so judgmental. While part of me is ashamed of that "old Lexy" I have also learned a lot from her. So I can't be too upset. I am just upset if I hurt any people along the way. If anyone actually takes the time to read my old journal entries and sees something the don't like please feel free to call me out on it. I probably deserve it. And if it is something that you want me to take down let me know. Part of me thinks that maybe reviving this old journal is not a good idea but I think I could use a lesson or two in humility. :)